B R O W   H E N N A


What is henna?

Eyebrow Henna is a sophisticated, modern brow dye! It very quickly became a loved, popular craze because of how well its able to stain the skin. 

How long does henna last?

Henna can dye the skin for UP TO 4 weeks, and the hair for UP TO 6 weeks! This time varies from person to person. If you have more oily skin your natural oils will break down the stain quicker, and if you have more of a drier/flakier skin then your henna will often break down by flaking off with your skin. No longevity can be proven, although with proper application and aftercare this can increase how long your henna will last.

 Whats the process of henna? 

Firstly your brows will be cleansed to remove any makeup, oils, dry skin etc. The consistency of henna is a semi-thick paste, the first layer applied will be a thin layer to define the desired shape. After 5 or so minutes a second thicker layer will applied. The amount of time that the henna is left on for depends on your desired colour and how well your skin takes to the pigment of the henna. Once the colour pay off is at the perfect point, the henna is removed with water. It can sometimes take 5-10 minutes for the henna colour to develop.